Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No (Cherie Call)

A little boy at the end of a day knelt by his bed to say a prayer
And Father up in Heaven heard the prayer he prayed
And listened to each word with greatest care
The boy said,"Please bless that tomorrow I won't have to take a bath,
And bless that they will cancel school for snow."
And God had the power to protect him and never let him grow
But He said, "No."

A young man was holding tightly to the hand of a girl who had to say goodbye
And as she walked away he had to whisper a prayer
As he fought every tear that filled his eyes
He whispered,"Please can you make her turn around and change her mind?
It's the deepest hurt that I have ever known."
And God had the power to protect him and never let him grow
But He said, "No."
And there are yeses that our father can hardly wait to give
And they are packed in every crevice of the lives we live
Sometimes God will pour down miracles and amazing twists of fate
And other times He chooses just to whisper, "Wait."
How many times have I prayed for blue skies
So no one has to cancel the game
And I feel so abandoned when the sky gets dark
Never knowing all the ones who prayed for rain
And usually the story's even trickier than this
With solutions that only God could know
But if you ask Him if He's ever overlooked you
Or ceased to love you so
He'll say, "No."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Backyard

So for 10 months I haven't been able to find my patriatrical blessing or my favorite story that I have had since I was 15 or 16. I have been so upset and was about to call the church office building to get a copy of the blessing and my sunday school teachers from 18 years ago for the story (hoping they still had it) but then a few weeks ago I decided I should start writing in my journal again. I took it off my book shelf and dusted it off (been a year and a half) and what fell blessing and the story. I was so excited I almost started to cry. I am retyping the story and saving to word so decided to copy to here. It is long but great. Read it with your "spiritual ears"

The Backyard

There is a boy who has a very large family and parents that love him dearly. In his youth, his parents taught him carefully and were very protective about the things he did. One of the special memories that he has was of the enormous backyard that he his family could play in. His father had many toys in the yard and would not let his children play out there alone, at least until they had learned what to do and what to stay away from. This boy loved to be with his family and parents. When he was old enough his mom and dad allowed him to go outside in the backyard for the first time alone. Oh what a special treat this was. No supervision and freedom to do anything his little heart desired. Just before his dad let him go outside he told him some advice…that if he wanted to come back in he would have to be clean and also would have to talk with him about what he did, and also while he was out there Big Brother was to be in charge and he is the one to go and talk with if there is a problem. The advice was given for him to be happy and not get hurt. The thought of going outside my himself was overwhelming, and he agreed to do whatever it takes, just as long as he could get out there and play. Mom and Dad dressed him up in his new outfit that he received for this birthday and sent him on out. Things to explore, new places to find, the imagination ran wild as he stepped out the door, only to find all of his brothers and sisters outside playing and doing all sorts of things. Some were older than he was and others were younger but all looked like they were having a good time. He wanted to join. He soon noticed his closest brother and sister come up to him and invite him to come with them. Trusting them he went. They taught him about all of the things in the yard, some things he was to stay away from and others he could play with all day. But there were some important things they told him about the backyard. They told him about his Big brother, the one Dad mentioned, the one that was in charge. He had some rules for us to follow. They were the Backyard rules of Play. He wanted us to be nice to each other, watch out for each other, and to stay clean by staying away from the mud puddles. With your closest brother and sister you learned to play on the trampoline where you could reach your highest peaks and fall to your lowest bottoms only find yourself thrusted once again high into the air. They taught you how to swing on the swing set and move yourself towards the sky. Time was well spent with your closest brother and sister but you wanted to explore the limits by yourself and thus you did. As you went out to explore on your own, you began to find that not everybody was playing by the rules, and not always doing what they should. There were even those who were playing in the mud which Big Brother told them not to do. The memories of your closest brother and sister were fond and they made you feel good. You tried to do things that made you feel good but your were also always searching for someone to play with to keep you company. You spied one of your sisters as she ran around the corner of the house and disappeared. You ran to catch up with her. Only to find that just around the corner was a big enormous mud puddle and she was playing in along with your other brothers and sisters. You knew that if you got dirty that mom and dad would not let you into the house, not until at least you were clean. They were wrestling and playing patty cake and making mud pies. It looked like so much fun to play in. It was irresistible, at first you only put your feet in it and it felt cool and soothing to mush the mud between the toes and make prints with your hands. You were very careful not to get any on your new clothes that Mom and Dad had given you for your birthday. Then it happened, while chasing your sister you slipped and found yourself face down in the mud, getting your outfit all dirty. What was Mom and Dad going to think and what will everybody else say if they see me? What do I do? What can I do? Will I ever be able to be clean again? I will never be allowed to get into the house like this. Standing up, you see your Big Brother come over and offer his hand to help you out. You reach for his hand and he pulls you out. A tear runs down your face as you know that you have broken a Backyard Rule of Play. He sees your sorrow and comforts you with a hug and some consoling words. He wipes away the tears from your face with a piece of his clothing and tells you that everything will be OK. He walks you over to the hose and while he helps you clean up he promises that if you will follow the things that he tells you that when the time comes for us to go inside that he will vouchee for you and if there is any dirt that comes off and gets on Mom’s new rug that he will take the blame and punishment. Anxious to be happy again and ready to do what he asks, you agree and soon the pretty outfit that Mom and Dad gave to you starts to reappear and clean and refreshing water starts to wash away the dirt and grime that was there because of the mud. Things start to look good when dad calls you because it was time to go inside. You go inside and dad looks you over, talks with you a little bit to see what you did, and sends you inside. One inside you see your closest brother and sister and others that you know and love, but there were some that were missing like the ones you played with in the mud and those that did not follow the Backyard Rules, you wonder where they could be. Then you see your Big Brother, the one that helped you clean up after the mud. But this time there was something different about him, he had scars in his hands and feet. You ask him what the scars are for, because you only saw him help you and other people. He kneels down and says with a tear in his eye, “We didn’t get all the dirt off and I had to pay for the cleaning.” Your hands wrap around him and give him a big hug as your tears of love and gratitude trickle down your own face. He speaks to you “ Welcome home, little brother, welcome home!”
I can't even count how many times I have read this. It always makes me feel wonderful to know that no matter what I have done there is still a way to return home. It also reminds me to stay away from the mud puddles because Jesus already suffered enough for me and I don't want to put him through any more. I wish I would of had this for the girls up at camp but I hope you all enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How I feel lately

I love Maxine quotes. They are quotes every one is thinking but doesn't say.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My thought for the day

These are a few of my favorite mormon ads. I did a little devotional at camp about these 2 posters. Be Loyal to the Royal within I told the girls that they are all daughters of Heavenly Father and that makes them royal. We are all being watched especially here in California. We all need to be good examples and live up to our heritage.

Every move we make can send us one way or the other. Life is not a game. Every choice has a consequence.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back from camp

I just got back from girls camp. I had alot more fun than I thought I would. I was so ready to come home though....I was tired of dirt and bugs. I came home filthy dirty and with 25 mosquito bites. But I got to have a stress free week with no work, cell phones, room mate, computer, and family stress. I got to just relax and do crafts, color, look at the stars at night (was beautiful), enjoy nature, learn more about the gospel, feel the spirit at classes and testimony meeting. I got to eat fabulous food, go rappelling, get closer to my ward, see people from my last ward (whom I miss alot), did I mention great food. I ate better at camp than I have ate at home for months.

This the picture of my girls. They were all great. No problems or injuries and every one got along. I will post more pics when I get more from the other leaders.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stressed out

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My friend Tara had this on her blog and I liked it so much I wanted
to share it with all of you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Proposal....two thumbs up!

On Saturday I went with my friends and saw The Proposal. It is hilarious. I give it a "two thumbs up" I think I laughed through almost the whole movie. I will definately see it again.

By the way all you guys this is not just a chick flick. You will enjoy it too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Def Leppard/Poison concert

I got tickets to go see Def Leppard and Poison in September. I am so excited. I am more excited to see Def Leppard than Poison cuz I don't care for Bret Michaels but I do like their music so I will look past how disgusting he is.

Monday, June 8, 2009


August 1990 - May 2009

On May 26th the Bates family lost a member of our family. I thought I would be ok by now to do this blog but putting together these pictures have brought more tears to my eyes. She will be greatly missed by the young and old.

At almost 19 years old, age finally got to her and she was having a hard time seeing and hearing. We have known for awhile that it was coming. It doesn't make it easier but I am glad she is not suffering now. I have never really thought much about whether dogs go to heaven but I am convinced that there is no way I will never see Molly again. She was part of my family and I want to live forever with them all one day.

I will always miss you Molly!!!!